Pioneering new study identifies why some birds are better known than others

Posted by Daniel Allen on 11/07/2019
Co-authored by Ecosulis Nature Recovery Lead Dr. Paul Jepson, the landmark study shows how culturomics-based tools could boost conservation outcomes.

Nature: our friend in need

Posted by Daniel Allen on 10/22/2019
By providing and enhancing nature-based solutions, the restoration of wild nature can help us address some of society's greatest challenges.   

"New pastoralism": a vision to revitalise our national parks

Posted by Dr Paul Jepson on 10/08/2019
The UK's national parks were created as part of progressive policy to reimagine our national identity after empire. Seventy years on, it is time to rethink their meaning and purpose.

Shake-up of England's national parks should be based on robust assessment

Posted by Daniel Allen on 10/08/2019
The recently released Glover Review calls for radical changes in the way England's underperforming national parks are managed. Those changes should be based on the comprehensive and cutting edge assessment of both biodiversity and people.    

Thinking like a mountain

Posted by Sara King BSc (Hons) MCIEEM on 09/27/2019
Sara King, the Ecosulis Biodiversity Assessment Specialist, recently attended the Scotland Big Picture Rewilding Conference. She was inspired by what she heard and saw.

Brazilian protected areas failing to leverage their natural assets

Posted by Dr Paul Jepson on 09/12/2019
A new scientific paper reveals the huge value-generating potential of Brazilian protected areas. As the first high-profile application of the Natural Asset Framework, the analysis has worldwide implications.    

Check, clean, dry: how can canoers help control the spread of invasive species?

Posted by Dr Paul Jepson on 08/28/2019
In this piece that first appeared on The freshwater blog, Ecosulis Nature Recovery Lead Dr. Paul Jepson outlines how canoers and kayakers can help to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species with a standardised, post-activity routine.    

Reforestation: benefitting biodiversity, as well as climate change

Posted by Sara King BSc (Hons) MCIEEM on 08/21/2019
There are now calls to plant a trillion trees to combat climate change. We shouldn't forget that such reforestation could (and should) enhance biodiversity as well.

Citizen Zoo wins Ecosulis Tech Contest

Posted by Daniel Allen on 08/12/2019
The London-based team took the contest's £5000 prize with their proposal for an automated mink eradication device. Ecosulis will now collaborate with Citizen Zoo to develop their concept further.   

Ecosulis: working well

Posted by Suzi Cross on 08/01/2019
Changes to workplace practice at Ecosulis have led to measurable improvements in wellness, bringing benefits to both employees and the company.  

Nature, health & wellbeing

Posted by Daniel Allen on 07/31/2019
A growing body of evidence suggests that interaction with nature can boost health and wellness and improve quality of life. At Ecosulis, Biodiversity and Health is one of our core services.

The "wonder crop": what impact does Miscanthus have on biodiversity?

Posted by Sara King BSc (Hons) MCIEEM on 07/22/2019
Climate change is pushing firms and governments to start to use alternative energy sources to cut and eventually eliminate the use of fossil fuels. Miscanthus (or elephant grass) is sometimes referred to as the "wonder crop", as it is efficient, cheap to grow and profitable for farmers. But just how wonderful is it for biodiversity?