UAV Drone Surveying

  • Outcome: Accurate, insightful, actionable information, leading to enhanced outcomes for habitat and restoration projects and better management of recreational areas. 


The challenge

Traditional conservation-related ground surveys can be time consuming and expensive, especially at a local or landscape level, and they are often limited to accessible areas.


The solution

Ecosulis has several CAA qualified drone pilots who can undertake highly accurate surveys using our UAV drone. The information from the survey can be imported into a GIS map, allowing other information to be overlaid.

The results of these surveys can be used to show habitat change over time, which is especially important for rewilding and habitat restoration projects, as well as in the management of recreational areas and footpaths.


Want to know more?

Case studies involving application of the Ecosulis biodiversity monitoring service can be viewed here:



For a no obligation discussion about how our UAV drone surveying service might add value to your project or business, please contact Vance Russell, Ecosulis Biodiversity Lead ( / 01225 876 974).