The Natural Asset Framework

Are you a landowner, manager or investor looking to generate a higher level of value from land management and restoration?

As a new and progressive reconception of natural area management and investment, the Natural Asset Framework from Ecosulis might be what you're looking for. 



The challenge

At Ecosulis, we recognise that many landowners value quality of life, as well as a healthy financial return from their land management practices. Such quality of life  - and a love of the land - comes from engagements with wildlife, wild nature and landscapes. 


We also recognise that lands are open systems that interact with political, cultural and economic forces. These enable or constrain what can be done with those lands, and the sources of finance available to acquire, manage and generate income from land assets.


The solution

Today, underpinned by the principles of recoverable Earth, natural asset restoration and rewilding offer rewarding and potentially lucrative opportunies for land management. Capturing the zeitgeist, the Ecosulis Natural Asset Framework offers a new, viable and forward-looking alternative to the status quo.

The framework is designed to help land owners, managers and investors derive higher levels of value from the practice of managing and restoring natural areas. Based on innovative natural asset systems thinking, its grounded and systematic approach generates multiple revenue streams by connecting the restored forces of nature with modern societal trends.


Want to know more?

  • View / download the Natural Asset Framework brochure here.
  • Read a blog item on natural grazing and climate change mitigation in the UK here


For a no obligation discussion about how the Natural Asset Framework might add value to your project or business, please contact Dr. Paul Jepson, Ecosulis Nature Recovery Lead ( / 01225 876 974).


This framework is an application of the following recent scientific research: Jepson, P.R., Caldecott, B., Schmitt, S.F., Carvalho, S.H., Correia, R.A., Gamarra, N., Bragagnolo, C., Malhado, A.C. and Ladle, R.J., 2017. Protected area asset stewardship. Biological Conservation212, pp.183-190.