Biodiversity Strategy

  • Outcome:  Better informed (more successful) biodiversity enhancement and restoration schemes.  


The challenge

Unsurprisingly, wildlife doesn't recognise the boundaries and borders that humans draw on maps.  When it comes to maximising the success of enhancement and restoration schemes, this means that landscape-scale biodiversity monitoring is critical. For example, a scheme targeting ground nesting birds will have lower success if neighbouring landowners are planting hedgerows.


The solution

Ecosulis's innovative biodiversity strategy service integrates a wide range of  landscape-scale information. This includes intactness, land cover, priority habitats and species, designated sites, connectivity and potential links to other conservation schemes, such as Plantlife road verges or Buglife B lines.


Want to know more?

For a no obligation discussion about how the biodiversity strategy service from Ecosulis might add value to your project or business, please contact Sara King, Ecosulis Biodiversity Assessment Specialist ( / 01225 876 974).