Conserving and boosting biodiversity is a cornerstone of every Ecosulis project. Operating at landscape scale, we upgrade, maintain and connect critical ecosystems and protected areas, supporting and enhancing keystone species populations, as we work to benefit both wild nature and society. 

Developing and leveraging technology is one of our core strengths. Ecosulis is continually pushing the boundaries of biodiversity data collection and quantitative assessment, as we look to create conditions where wild nature can flourish and effectively and efficiently measure project outcomes.

The ongoing research and innovation carried out by Ecosulis has empowered our highly experienced biodiversity specialists with a range of proprietary, cutting edge tools. 

  • Our unique Biodiversity Quality Calculator (BQC) provides a highly accurate  quantitative assessment of ecosystem functionality, enabling clients to make the right biodiversity-related decisions.
  • We undertake a wide range of specialist surveys, including drone surveys, invertebrate sampling and DNA barcoding, bat surveys and bio-acoustic bird surveys.
  • We also employ scalable, innovative techniques to sustainably manage biodiversity within natural and man-made environments.

By placing a far higher value on our natural assets, Ecosulis is working to put biodiversity back into the heart of decision making in the United Kingdom and across the globe. Through conservation policy development, together with a greater focus on multidisciplinary collaboration, transboundary thinking and the use of global technologies such as the blockchain, we can positively impact biodiversity and humanity at both a national and international level.