How we added value

Biodiversity valuation

Biodiversity measurement is complex - accurate assessment should always  involve more than just species richness data. Using our proprietary Biodiversity Quality Calculator, Ecosulis compared botanical data from 2013 to baseline data from 2006 to evaluate changes in key biodiversity indices.  

Passive rewilding evaluation

Over the 2006 - 2013 period the number of plant species present in Ennerdale increased from 95 to 101, although the number of rare species declined. Other biodiversity values showed little change. This suggests that passive rewilding is a slow process and could affect plant biodiversity over longer timescales.

More Information

  • The results of the Biodiversity Quality Calculator depend on which data you use. In this project, botanical (plant) data was used as an indicator. However, other indicators, such as bryophytes, invertebrates and bats, could show different biodiversity changes. Especially the first groups, quickly respond environmental conditions and might be more effective to investigate biodiversity quality.
  • The results of the biodiversity assessment indicate that seven years may not be long enough to show a measurable change in biodiversity. The change in the number of species, however, suggest that the species composition on site has likely changed since the project began.


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