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Landscape Assessment and Design: the Parks for Health Assessment

The Parks for Health Assessment has been developed based on a variety of scientific studies of open spaces, parks and natural environments. Based on these studies, the assessment identified 75 landscape elements and characteristics that have been positively associated with human health and well-being.

Biodiversity Valuation: the Biodiversity Quality Calculator

The Biodiversity Quality Calculator is developed by Dr. Alan Feest of Ecosulis. The calculator provides quantitative outputs based on a variety of biodiversity indices that are generated from biodiversity measurements and sampling efforts on the site.

Result: Improved park design

Ecosulis’ assessment provides an improved park design including separated recreational areas as well as biodiversity habitats. The new design includes a few paths through the woodland, whilst also maintaining undisturbed woodland areas. Furthermore, the design provides well-manageable and comfortable grasslands in the north, which will benefit species living in grassland habitats.

Result: Cost reduction

New designs of open spaces like Cardiff University Park can also save costs through a reduction in management in some areas. For example, by allowing the creation of longer grassland edges which benefits local biodiversity.

More Information

To prevent further biodiversity loss, we must improve our knowledge on the biodiversity baseline. Once we  know what this baseline is, we can identify the best practices that result in a desirable change in biodiversity. The landscape design of the Cardiff University Park is an example of how benefits to wildlife and people can be achieved.


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