Ecosulis is currently developing Wildcoin©, a natural asset investment facility based on the EOS blockchain. It combines smart contracts and tokenisation, connecting investors with conservation organisations to generate returns (both monetary and non-monetary) underpinned by a transparent ledger of actions and impacts. The aim is to mobilise finance to scale up the protection, restoration and value-generating potential of natural assets through a combination of reduced transaction costs, enhanced transparency, improved access to finance, and the creation of a Wildcoin© token economy based on verified conservation outcomes.


Ecosulis is also currently producing a report on blockchain for nature and society. Scheduled for publication in the autumn, the report will detail how blockchain technologies could shape new ways of restoring nature. As a precursor to this report, a four-page call to action brochure was distributed at the recent Blockchain for Social Impact Conference 2019 in New York.


Read more about the brochure and report on the Ecosulis blog